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IrisVision is an FDA registered Class-I medical device that is redefining low vision aids, and the most effective and affordable solution for Macular Degeneration. Its combination of revolutionary state-of the art virtual reality technology from Samsung and innovative custom software, developed in collaboration with the nation’s leading experts at the Johns Hopkins optical clinic, reduces hardware costs and provides an intuitive, customizable, and easy to use low vision aid – at a fraction of the cost of traditional magnifiers and products for the visually impaired.

With IrisVision’s powerful magnification capabilities, low vision patients can see the faces of loved ones, watch television, read books, and take back their independence, all without bulky and expensive magnifiers and magnifying lamps.


Developed in partnership with the top vision institutions


IrisVision was developed in collaboration with the leading low vision experts at the following prestigious institutions across the US. By pooling the collective knowledge of these powerhouses of optical medicine, we were able to create a truly life-changing breakthrough in low vision technology.


the most intuitive low vision aid available


One of the many remarkable things about IrisVision is that the heart of the system is a smartphone much like people carry every day. The IrisVision phone boasts a camera with a minimum 12 megapixel camera, a powerful state-of-the-art Snapdragon processor, and a brilliant, crisp, high-resolution display, all mounted in a light-weight headset.

The device can be controlled in three different ways:

  • Using the touchpad on the headset
  • Using the touchpad on the remote control
  • Using voice commands. The user has complete control over the various commands and can customize their input to best suit their needs.

How IrisVision Brings Life Back Into Focus


Be a Part of Your World: With IrisVision, you can once again interact fully with your environment and the people around you. You can greet friends and recognize their facial expressions. You can see birds and flowers outside, and feel the comfort of the familiar sights of home.

Utilize Digital Media: IrisVision can play movies from Netflix and other streaming media in iMAX size on a virtual screen. You can load news articles, websites, and even your email directly to the device for an immersive visual experience.

At-Home Diagnosis: IrisVision gives you the ability to do more of the things you love. It also saves time for more of those things with built-in diagnostic tools so you don’t have to make a trip to the optometrist.

Restored Independence: IrisVision allows you to perform tasks that would normally be impossible for someone with macular degeneration. You can find small items, like your nail clippers in a drawer, then clip your own nails. The intuitive user interface and built-in training programs enable you to use the device without assistance.


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